Volume List

Volume 2

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Big Brother
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Welcome Home
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Swamp of Abduction
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Suggestions
Vol.2 Chapter 12: I cannot say
Vol.2 Chapter 13: You are…
Vol.2 Chapter 14: Kibutsuji’s Fury – Bewitching Fragrance of Blood
Vol.2 Chapter 15: The Doctor’s Opinion
Vol.2 Chapter 16: The Playing of Handballs


Volume 3

Vol.3 Chapter 17: The Arrow Pattern Demon
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Curse-Bound
Vol.3 Chapter 19: Always Together
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Agatsuma Zenitsu
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Drum House
Vol.3 Chapter 22: The Sudden Appearance of a Pig
Vol.3 Chapter 23: The Pig Bares Its Tusks – Zenitsu Sleeps
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Ex-Twelve Demon Moon
Vol.3 Chapter 25: Self Inspiration

Volume 4

Vol.4 Chapter 26: Bare Handed Fight
Vol.4 Chapter 27: Hashibira Inosuke
Vol.4 Chapter 28: Emergency Summon
Vol.4 Chapter 29: Natagumo Mountain
Vol.4 Chapter 30: Puppet Dolls
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Who’s going to step forward if I don’t step forward myself?
Vol.4 Chapter 32: Sharp Stench
Vol.4 Chapter 33: Pain, going forward while writhing
Vol.4 Chapter 34: The Strongest Blade


Volume 5

Vol.5 Chapter 35: Scattered
Vol.5 Chapter 36: This is bad
Vol.5 Chapter 37: Broken Sword
Vol.5 Chapter 38: Genuine and Fake
Vol.5 Chapter 39: Life Passing Before One’s Eyes
Vol.5 Chapter 40: God of Fire
Vol.5 Chapter 41: Kochou Shinobu
Vol.5 Chapter 42: Behind
Vol.5 Chapter 43: To Hell


Volume 6

Vol.6 Chapter 44: Violation Of Demon Hunters Conduct
Vol.6 Chapter 45: Joint Trial of the Demon Hunter Pillars
Vol.6 Chapter 46: Oyakata-sama
Vol.6 Chapter 47: Huff
Vol.6 Chapter 48: The Butterfly Estate
Vol.6 Chapter 49: Functional Recovery Training – Part 1
Vol.6 Chapter 50: Functional Recovery Training – Part 2
Vol.6 Chapter 51: The Nichirin Blade Comes Home
Vol.6 Chapter 52: Merciless

Volume 7

Vol.7 Chapter 53: You are…
Vol.7 Chapter 54: Good Evening, Rengoku-san
Vol.7 Chapter 55: The Train of Infinite Dreams
Vol.7 Chapter 56: Wake Up
Vol.7 Chapter 57: You Have Your Sword
Vol.7 Chapter 58: Good Morning
Vol.7 Chapter 59: Insult
Vol.7 Chapter 60: Protecting 200 People
Vol.7 Chapter 61: Fighting in a Narrow Space


Volume 8

Vol.8 Chapter 62: The Nightmare Ends
Vol.8 Chapter 63: Akaza
Vol.8 Chapter 64: Strength of the Upper Moons, Strength of the Pillars
Vol.8 Chapter 65: Who won?
Vol.8 Chapter 66: The Dawn Spreads
Vol.8 Chapter 67: What You’re Seeking
Vol.8 Chapter 68: User
Vol.8 Chapter 69: Move forward, it doesn’t matter if it’s step by step
Vol.8 Chapter 70: Kidnap

Volume 9

Vol.9 Chapter 71: The Great Red Light District Penetration Operation
Vol.9 Chapter 72: Search For The Wives
Vol.9 Chapter 73: Pursuit
Vol.9 Chapter 74: Daki
Vol.9 Chapter 75: Everyone’s Own Thoughts
Vol.9 Chapter 76: Everyone’s own places
Vol.9 Chapter 77: Thundering
Vol.9 Chapter 78: Meandering
Vol.9 Chapter 79: Air Hole

Volume 10

Vol.10 Chapter 80: Worth
Vol.10 Chapter 81: Overlapping Memories
Vol.10 Chapter 82: Humans and Demons
Vol.10 Chapter 83: Transfiguration
Vol.10 Chapter 84: Precious Thing
Vol.10 Chapter 85: Bawling
Vol.10 Chapter 86: Gyuutarou
Vol.10 Chapter 87: Gathering
Vol.10 Chapter 88: The Path to Victory


Volume 11

Vol.11 Chapter 89: Free-For-All
Vol.11 Chapter 90: In Your Debt
Vol.11 Chapter 91: Change in Plans
Vol.11 Chapter 92: Maggot, Dimwit, Coward Among Dunces
Vol.11 Chapter 93: Never Give Up
Vol.11 Chapter 94: Do Something
Vol.11 Chapter 95: Final Moment
Vol.11 Chapter 96: No Matter How Many Times I’m Born Again Part 1
Vol.11 Chapter 97: No Matter How Many Times I’m Born Again Part 2

Volume 12

Vol.12 Chapter 98: Upper Moon Gathering
Vol.12 Chapter 99: Someone’s Dream
Vol.12 Chapter 100: Now, to the Village!!
Vol.12 Chapter 101: Secret Talk
Vol.12 Chapter 102: Hello There, Tokitou-kun
Vol.12 Chapter 103: Yorichi Zeroshiki
Vol.12 Chapter 104: Kotetsu-san
Vol.12 Chapter 105: Something Came Out
Vol.12 Chapter 106: Enemy Attack


Volume 13

Vol.13 Chapter 107: In The Way
Vol.13 Chapter 108: Thanks, Tokitou-kun
Vol.13 Chapter 109: Not Dying
Vol.13 Chapter 110: Rustles in the Abandoned Shed
Vol.13 Chapter 111: Airs of an Artist
Vol.13 Chapter 112: Complete Transition
Vol.13 Chapter 113: Red Sword
Vol.13 Chapter 114: Wanting to Be Accepted
Vol.13 Chapter 115: To Be a Pillar

Volume 14

Vol.14 Chapter 116: Pure Evil
Vol.14 Chapter 117: Swordsmith
Vol.14 Chapter 118: The Mu in Muichirou
Vol.14 Chapter 119: Revival
Vol.14 Chapter 120: Slander Showdown
Vol.14 Chapter 121: Unnatural Situation
Vol.14 Chapter 122: A Temporary State of Excitement
Vol.14 Chapter 123: Kanroji Mitsuri’s Memories
Vol.14 Chapter 124: Cut It Out, You Dipshit

Volume 15

Vol.15 Chapter 125: The Creeping Dawn
Vol.15 Chapter 126: The Sun Comes Up, and Light Shines Forth
Vol.15 Chapter 127: Rumbles of Success
Vol.15 Chapter 128: Please Inform Us
Vol.15 Chapter 129: To Become Marked
Vol.15 Chapter 130: Place to Belong
Vol.15 Chapter 131: Visitor
Vol.15 Chapter 132: Full Power Training
Vol.15 Chapter 133: Welcome…

Volume 16

Vol.16 Chapter 134: Repetitive Actions
Vol.16 Chapter 135: Himejima Gyoumei
Vol.16 Chapter 136: Movement
Vol.16 Chapter 137: Indestructible
Vol.16 Chapter 138: Sudden Turn
Vol.16 Chapter 139: Fall
Vol.16 Chapter 140: Opening the Decisive Battle
Vol.16 Chapter 141: Revenge
Vol.16 Chapter 142: Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho


Volume 17

Vol.17 Chapter 143: Wrath
Vol.17 Chapter 144: The Successors
Vol.17 Chapter 145: Box of Happiness
Vol.17 Chapter 146: Pride
Vol.17 Chapter 147: Small Cogwheels
Vol.17 Chapter 148: Clash
Vol.17 Chapter 149: Unpleasant Feeling
Vol.17 Chapter 150: Realization
Vol.17 Chapter 151: A Bell Rings on a Snowy Moonlit Night

Volume 18

Vol.18 Chapter 152: The See-Through World
Vol.18 Chapter 153: Attracted
Vol.18 Chapter 154: A Strong Wave of Nostalgia
Vol.18 Chapter 155: The Useless Komainu
Vol.18 Chapter 156: Thank You
Vol.18 Chapter 157: Returning Soul
Vol.18 Chapter 158: Absurd
Vol.18 Chapter 159: Face
Vol.18 Chapter 160: Similar Features, Returning Memories



Chapters not yet in tankōbon format

Vol.TBD Chapter 161: Flapping Butterfly Wings
Vol.TBD Chapter 162: Trio of Victory
Vol.TBD Chapter 163: Overflowing Heart
Vol.TBD Chapter 164: Just Overdid It A Little
Vol.TBD Chapter 165: Stunned and Trembling
Vol.TBD Chapter 166: True Feelings
Vol.TBD Chapter 167: A Request
Vol.TBD Chapter 168: Never Disappear
Vol.TBD Chapter 169: Rumbling
Vol.TBD Chapter 170: The Immovable Hashira
Vol.TBD Chapter 171: Transformation
Vol.TBD Chapter 172: A Weakling’s Potential
Vol.TBD Chapter 173: The Path of Opening a Steadfast Heart
Vol.TBD Chapter 174: Nightmare on the Night of a Red Moon
Vol.TBD Chapter 175: Respect for Future Generations
Vol.TBD Chapter 176: Samurai
Vol.TBD Chapter 177: Little Brother
Vol.TBD Chapter 178: Even if You Reach Out Your Hand
Vol.TBD Chapter 179: Love between Brothers
Vol.TBD Chapter 180: Recovery
Vol.TBD Chapter 181: Disaster
Vol.TBD Chapter 182: Rage
Vol.TBD Chapter 183: A Clash of Wills
Vol.TBD Chapter 184: Frontal Attack
Vol.TBD Chapter 185: A World Without Smell
Vol.TBD Chapter 186: Old Memories
Vol.TBD Chapter 187: Innocent Person
Vol.TBD Chapter 188: Sorrowful Love
Vol.TBD Chapter 189: Reliable Comrade